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Welcome to TopStone ®

Welcome to TopStone ®

TopStone® is one of the leading industry brands for Solid Surface in the world Committed to customer satisfaction through adopting the highest international standards and leading edge solid surface manufacturing techniques. Whenever the health and attractiveness are required, TopStone® confirm its usefulness; because it is a strong endurance and you can easily remove scratches and small burns with a simple touch and without any impact.

Uses & Applications

Imagine a surface that allows you to create the designs you've always fantasized. A surface that's beautiful, durable, and with unlimited choices of colors, textures and design possibilities. Now imagine your dream kitchen, bathroom or counters coming true, with the stylishness, splendor, and simplicity custom to you. TopStone® makes it possible.

TopStone® Colors

Our Warranty

TopStone® sheets and fabricated products carry a 14-year written warranty

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Our Clients

TopStone® has the capacity and resources to deliver any customer requirements on time, no matter how big or special is the client requirement. That’s why you would find TopStone® in hotels, hospitals, schools, airports, big shopping malls around the world. Simply, TopStone® is the first choice for projects regardless of their size, complexity or budget. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing system functionality and improving quality and sales.