TopStone® is anti-bacterial can't penetrate the surface or reside in grout seams. Even moisture cannot infiltrate and cause damage as with laminate countertops. TopStone® is an inert, non-toxic and hypoallergenic material. As such, it is used for delicate applications such as sterile rooms, clean rooms, laboratory work shop, general surgery areas, blood transfusion center, dental areas, pharmacy preparation, laborites & scientific research and work surfaces in operating areas, and intensive care units, TopStone® in Healthcare environments have been awarded the Certificate of Hygienic Merit by the Royal Institute of Public Health. UK standards of hygienic merit certificate.



In selecting building materials for schools, it is crucial to select those that require little care and maintenance, and are easy to clean. Thanks to the special quality of TopStone® that can be formed into virtually any shape, the design does not need to be altered to solve the fabrication problem. TopStone® can be used. All these contribute to a beautifully conceived space for the pupils.


Appearances aside, TopStone® Solid Surfaces are also highly functional. They're durable, stain-resistant, easy-to-clean, and repairable. TopStone® counters are also very hygienic and food safe. A healthy countertop choice, TopStone® is nonporous, so bacteria, molds and moisture cannot penetrate its surface. Imperceptible seams, plus the option to incorporate. TopStone® can be used in food preparation area, food service area, bars, tables and cashier counters. These features also make solid surface one of the few materials approved for use in commercial food service areas where hygiene is important.



Versatile and practical, TopStone® materials can be made into almost any form without losing its charisma are easy-to-clean and maintain, durable enough to withstand the heavy traffic of almost any retail and entertainment space. But where ever you emplaned TopStone® it will increase the value of the place because In public areas, retail spaces and other commercial applications, TopStone® Solid Surfaces resist wear and tear.


TopStone® Solid Surfaces countertops are easy on the eyes and feel warm and welcoming to the touch. People love the virtually invisible, impervious seams. In the competitive world of hotels, designers today aim to blend the best of technology with tradition, combining the charm of yesterday with the demands of modern day life. Office design has an impact on everyone that matters employees work more productively in an uplifting environment, while clients and visitors make their first impressions of a company waiting in reception. TopStone® has the design versatility and durability to make the right impression. TopStone® has an added dimension when combined with other materials, giving hotels & offices a soul and creating a unique atmosphere. TopStone® creates subtle, individual environments where elegance and comfort are perfectly balanced.


TopStone® offer a range of kitchen sinks and bathroom vanity bowls that can be integrated with no open joins, One of the main reasons seamless kitchen counters are so popular is that they are user friendly when it come so to cleaning. Warm water, soap and a cloth are about all you'll need to keep your counters looking great. TopStone® countertops are quite resistant to heat and are non-porous. Deep edges give TopStone® counters the illusion of being even thicker, but there's nothing illusory about their strength. They hold up incredibly well to abrasive cleaners, and even white counters are virtually impossible to stain. The color won't fade, even in direct sunlight, and because the pattern runs through the entire depth, scratches can be sanded out.


Most of us use tiles for bathroom walls and vanities.The benefits are obvious easy to clean, quite heat resistant, low maintenance, plenty of available choices out there. The downside is that bacteria growth can develop in between tiles. TopStone® sinks or bowls enable designers to customize a one of a kind integrated solid-surface countertop system TopStone® Solid Surface Bath tubs are without joints. A bathroom wall just makes perfect sense as the bathroom is a places in your home which you want to keep sterile and sanitary.


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