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Acids Result
Glacial Acetic Acid 99.5 % Color Only
Hydrochloric Acid 35.4 % No Effect
Hydrochloric Acid 37.0 % Color only
Perchloric Acid 60 % Color only
Phosphoric Acid 80 % Color only
Citric Acid 10 % No Effect
Citric Acid 50 % No Effect
Sulfuric Acid 98 % Color only
Sulfuric Acid 20 % No Effect
Benzoic Acid 50 % Color only
Tartaric Acid 50 % Color only
Acetic Acid No Effect
Nitric Acid No Effect


Other Chemicals Result
Ammonium Hydroxide 50 % No Effect
Barium Hyrdoxide No Effect
Sodium Hydroxide 40 % No Effect
Sodium Hydroxide 50 % No Effect
Calcium Hydroxide No Effect
Formaldehyde No Effect
Benzene 99 % ( c ) No Effect
Toluene 99 % ( c ) No Effect
Xylene No Effect
Hydrogen Peroxide 100 % No Effect
Methanol No Effect
Carbon Tetrachloride No Effect
Ethanol No Effect
Gasolene No Effect
Urea Saturated No Effect
Potassium Hydroxide No Effect
Acetone No Effect
Perchloric AcidG. No Effect

TopStone® has been tested as per the American Standard NEMA 3 - 3.09 for Laboratory Applications of the commonly used chemicals.
There are more than 11,500 chemicals available and to test all is not practical, however customised tests can be desired.
The strength and the temperature of the chemicals as well as the exposure time can affect the test results. It is highly recommended therefore, to do in-house testing on TopStone® samples to confirm its suitabily with the proposed chemicals and laboratory practices.